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Omni Client Takes Hands-On Approach to Commissioning, Training, Spare Parts, and Maintenance

Several years ago, Omni took part in the construction of a new manufacturing plant, installing all of the electrical and controls, and since then we’ve returned to the facility to perform several smaller projects. The client had taken a somewhat typical approach to commissioning the new plant by hiring an agent to write and implement a comprehensive commissioning plan that included all building and process systems throughout the facility.

Now, with plans to open several more plants throughout the U.S., the owner wanted to be more involved in the facilities’ design and take a more hands-on approach to their commissioning and qualification. The client reached out to Omni for assistance in writing the commissioning plan and incorporating training, spare parts, calibration, and first-year maintenance for the first of the new facilities.

Omni’s first step was to identify installation checks of electrical and control systems along with pre-commissioning tasks that included megger testing, point-to-point testing, loop check, bump-and-check rotation, Cat 6 cable verification, factory calibration certificates, network certification, sweep testing, functionality, etc. We also recommended verification of sequence of operation and recording critical parameters on VFDs and other equipment.

The new commissioning plan included a list of critical spare parts to be purchased and stocked for rapid changeout in case of failure. We also recommended specific on-site training for the client’s plant personnel to take place early on so they are properly trained in operating the facility’s equipment and systems before production begins. Finally, we worked with the client to develop a plan for the facility’s first year of maintenance.

The owner plans to hire several plant process engineers early on so they can participate in the commissioning effort to ensure they’re fully knowledgeable in all equipment and processes and will be ready to run production starting on day two.

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