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Preconstruction is Key to an Electrical Project's Success

Preconstruction services have been a cornerstone of successful projects for decades. While many firms offer this service, the key lies in finding a team with the right experience and proven track record.

Preconstruction is a powerful tool that can save both time and money in upcoming new construction or renovation projects. Also known as precon, the process involves periodic analysis of costs during the development phase to ensure that the project can be designed and built to budget.

A project’s schedule is critical to ensuring that the project aligns with the client's timeframe and commitments. Extended lead times and inflation must be factored in, particularly in the realm of electrical equipment, some of which is still taking 3-4 times longer for manufacturing and assembly compared to four years ago. These factors help set the stage for most cost and schedule challenges before the project begins.

Contingency budgets are often allocated for addressing unforeseen issues, changes, or additional requirements. Typically calculated as a percentage of the overall project cost, these budgets are sometimes exceeded due to the inherent complexities of project execution. Problems and missing details discrepancies might only surface deep into the project, necessitating rapid adjustments when time is of the essence.

Omni Instrumentation and Electrical Services’ multidisciplinary expertise, spanning electrical distribution, instrumentation, controls, IT/AV, and low-voltage systems, uniquely positions us to close the technical pre-construction gap and prevent overages in contingency expenditures. Leveraging our extensive experience, we excel in identifying critical elements early on, having been involved from initial design to installation, start-up, commissioning, and validation. Here's how Omni can assist:

  • Sourcing Alternate Components and Equipment: We identify alternatives that meet specifications to ensure both quality and cost-effectiveness.

  • Detailed Scopes of Work: We fill in gaps in work scopes that are not clearly defined in the drawings, leaving no room for ambiguity.

  • Optimized Equipment Placement: We coordinate the placement of electrical gear, VFDs, instrumentation, HMIs, and control devices for ease of use and installation.

  • Start-Up Verification: We verify that system and equipment testing and start-up procedures are meticulously specified to ensure successful a start-up and commissioning process.

  • Proactive Queries: We raise RFIs and pertinent questions early on to support technical quality and avoid problems further down the road.

Omni’s approach encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the nuances involved in electrical construction, safeguarding your project from costly pitfalls and paving the way for a smooth, efficient, and successful implementation from start to finish.

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