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Omni: Undivided Responsibility

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Definition: omni-

all; of all things

Back in 1986, company founders chose the name “Omni” to reflect the full range of services they planned to offer, which we have accomplished to great success. Our wide range of expertise allows clients to rely on Omni as a sole contractor, resulting in improved project coordination, scheduling, communication, and overall job costs, not to mention the elimination of finger-pointing between subcontractors when problems arise.

We recently demonstrated our abilities across multiple disciplines on a large, recently-completed pharmaceutical plant expansion project. The scope of work included:

  • Instrument mounting

  • Instrument sensing tubing

  • Pneumatic tubing to air actuated valves

  • Instrument and valve conduit, wiring and terminations

  • Control panel fabrication, wiring and installation

  • Reassembly of super-skid wiring and tubing

  • Fiber optic supports, wiring and terminations

  • Data closet equipment procurement and installation

  • Process control network Ethernet conduit, cabling and terminations

  • IT network Ethernet conduit, cabling and terminations for voice, data, paging and wireless access points

  • Loop checks, calibrations, and commissioning

  • Procurement of all instruments and valves

Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc. is led by an expert team of electrical and instrumentation engineers to guarantee superior results on your next project. For more information, please call us at 908-412-7130.

About Omni

Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc., located in New Jersey and Maryland, is a premier instrumentation and electrical contractor, providing superior total care solutions since 1986. Services include instrument installation, tubing installation, instrument calibration, control loop testing, startup and commissioning, power and lighting, process control wiring, BMS wiring, telecommunications and data wiring, fire alarm wiring, security wiring, process network wiring, and control panel fabrication. Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc., is certified in Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet and ASI-Bus installation.

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