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Omni Helps Get Process Project Back on Track

A fast-track process project was well underway when the project team realized they had big problem: they’d forgotten to order numerous critical instruments including control valves, CAT 6A cabling. Eleven process skids were being fabricated and readied for delivery to the job site within weeks, but the miscellaneous instruments, control panels, control valves, and other loose items necessary for installation would not arrive on time unless drastic steps were taken. The equipment was expected to be up and running within three months’ time, which was looking highly doubtful. The owner called Omni to take care of the problem on the recommendation of the process mechanical contractor, who had worked with us before, and we immediately sprang into action.

Omni quickly pulled the submittals together and called an onsite meeting with the design team to expedite review and approval, allowing us to order the necessary materials and instrumentation right away. While we awaited delivery of the assorted instruments and process skids, which included RODI, CIP, autoclaves, waste neutralization, and pumping skids, Omni collaborated with the process vendors to have all of the necessary wire, cabling and tubing roughed-in for their arrival.

Several skids were shipped in sections, and Omni handled the wiring of the shipping splits. Remote control panels were mounted, along with all loose instrumentation. As installation of each skid was completed, we worked with the vendors on loop check and startup. During this process, we discovered that three VFDs had been damaged in shipping and were not operational. Similar units were located, shipped overnight, and replaced the next afternoon.

About Omni

Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc. is a premier instrumentation and electrical contractor, providing superior total care solutions since 1986. Services include instrument installation, tubing installation, instrument calibration, control loop testing, startup and commissioning, power and lighting, process control wiring, BMS wiring, telecommunications and data wiring, fire alarm wiring, security wiring, process network wiring, and control panel fabrication. Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc., is certified in Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet and ASI-Bus installation.

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