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Navigating the Maze of Long Lead Times and Power Distribution Solutions

Some of the most pressing issues currently affecting construction project timelines are the prolonged lead times associated with obtaining electrical components and equipment. Stretching to as long as 90 weeks, these lead times can seriously hinder even the most meticulously planned project. Permanent power, which is usually an essential early deliverable, often becomes a scheduling bottleneck due to these delays. Moreover, additional shipment postponements after an interminable wait can leave project managers scrambling for solutions at the last minute.

In this landscape, rethinking the standard approach and exploring alternatives to new and/or brand-name electrical components becomes imperative. Omni understands the dynamic challenges of navigating the various design and sourcing options and can assist clients with selecting and procuring comparable, more readily available components for their projects.

Among the myriad alternatives for designer-specified components are remanufactured, refurbished, and rebuilt products. It is important to understand the differences. Remanufacturing is the comprehensive and rigorous process by which a previously used product is returned to a condition that meets or exceeds the manufacturer’s factory standards and maintains the original warranty. Refurbished or reconditioned components are restored by the manufacturer or a third party to like-new condition. These products are tested and verified to function properly but do not meet the higher standards for remanufacturing. A rebuilt component simply means that its worn or broken parts have been cleaned or replaced. Functionality is restored, but the remaining parts will have varying levels of wear and tear. Rebuilt components should only be considered when remanufactured or refurbished components are unavailable and the overall project schedule is at risk.

In facilities undergoing renovation, owners may want to consider reusing existing electrical equipment if their condition is still good. Many of these components can be sent back to the manufacturer for remanufacturing or refurbishment.

Exploring reputable alternate manufacturers for specified name-brand components is a solution that can provide high-quality alternatives with significantly reduced lead times. Most of these manufacturers offer engineering assistance and should be able to provide references from recent satisfied clients.

Another effective interim solution is the rental of electrical components, transformers, and switchgear. In the past, this option was primarily utilized in failure emergencies, but electrical equipment rentals are increasingly being sought to salvage project schedules and keep progress on track.  

Omni Instrumentation and Electrical Services has been selecting and procuring alternative electrical equipment, components, and instruments for nearly four decades. Through our years of experience, established supplier partnerships, and advanced expertise in new and ever-evolving technologies, we can help clients confidently navigate the maze of sourcing viable power distribution solutions.

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