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Introducing TruTraq Equipment & Environmental Monitoring System

Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc. has partnered with Automated Control Concepts, Inc. to create TruTraq™ Equipment and Environmental Monitoring System, a packaged smart solution developed in response to our clients’ unique monitoring needs. Through our collective experience in delivering projects largely in life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and renewable energy sectors, TruTraq is designed to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly packaged system that is easy and straightforward to configure, install, validate, and use.

The TruTraq packaged equipment and environmental monitoring system includes sensors chosen for each client’s unique application, control panels, turnkey installation and startup, and GAMP 5 documentation to comply with facility qualification. It easily communicates with existing systems including BAS, PLCs, IoT data sources, historians, etc., and supports common industry protocols such as OPC, MQTT, Modbus (TCP or RTU) or OLE-DB.

In addition to secure collection of data and instant insights into a facility’s process, TruTraq ensures detection of alarm conditions and rapid personnel alert to prevent compromise of product and equipment. Event data and alarms are captured and collected automatically to provide a thorough, built-in audit trail of all relevant information that can be used to demonstrate compliance and help identify issues that affect quality, performance, and yield.

TruTraq’s “no-code” approach means that configuration changes are easy and straightforward for the average user. TruTraq also provides configuration, testing, and computer system validation services. Long-term benefits include simplified calibration management through instant access to instrument calibration data via control console or mobile device.

For more information on TruTraq Equipment and Environmental Monitoring System, please visit or call (732) 922-6611.

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