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Functional & Performance Testing

When electrical, mechanical, and process systems are installed and equipment is successfully started up and verified, a good contractor doesn’t just collect payment and walk away. This is only the halfway point. Functional testing and performance testing play an essential part in ensuring delivery of a successful project

Functional testing should be performed using a detailed Sequence of Operation that has been thoroughly reviewed and approved. Anomalies that arise must be corrected and retested to satisfaction. Systems that must be tested include building automation, fire alarm, security, emergency and UPS power, lighting controls, etc. On large projects, sequence testing can go on for weeks, often continuing around the clock, when systems are often turned off and back on, to determine after-hours function. Verifying that safeties and critical alarms work properly and shut down systems when needed is a top priority. If it becomes necessary to make sequence modifications, the changes must be documented accordingly.

Performance testing occurs after functional testing has been completed and the facility is up and running. Systems are subject to operating conditions that may range from normal to worst-case-scenario to determine its performance, response and stability.

About Omni

Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc. is a premier instrumentation and electrical contractor, providing superior total care solutions since 1986. Services include instrument installation, tubing installation, instrument calibration, control loop testing, startup and commissioning, power and lighting, process control wiring, BMS wiring, telecommunications and data wiring, fire alarm wiring, security wiring, process network wiring, and control panel fabrication. Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc., is certified in Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet and ASI-Bus installation.

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