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Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS)

A common practice for many years has been to qualify a building automation system (BAS) as a whole or in segments. With increasingly strict regulations and demands in industries that include pharmaceuticals, healthcare, data centers, etc., many Omni clients are opting to monitor individual critical points through a separate environmental monitoring system, or EMS.

The purpose of an EMS is to capture and record critical values such as temperature, humidity, pressure, level and flow, critical alarms for freezers, walk-in boxes, process equipment, and the like. By individually monitoring and analyzing critical points, testing and validation are streamlined for qualification. Comprehensive trending and performance data is readily available and archived for future reference. Sensitive areas and materials are safeguarded by warnings and alarms when crucial parameters approach or exceed limits.

An EMS system is only as good as the instruments capturing the data, so users should always opt for highest-quality instruments. Superior quality splitters should used as well when splitting a signal to BAS and EMS.

EMS instruments require regular calibration and should follow a strict calibration protocol. As with any critical system, an EMS should be protected with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Verify that equipment being monitored is backed up by UPS as well.

Omni Instrumentation designs, installs, and services environmental monitoring systems and provides three-point instrument calibration.

About Omni

Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc., located in New Jersey and Maryland, is a premier instrumentation and electrical contractor, providing superior total care solutions since 1986. Services include instrument installation, tubing installation, instrument calibration, control loop testing, startup and commissioning, power and lighting, process control wiring, BMS wiring, telecommunications and data wiring, fire alarm wiring, security wiring, process network wiring, and control panel fabrication. Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services, Inc., is certified in Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, DeviceNet and ASI-Bus installation.

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