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Dynamic Line Rating Can Help Pave the Way for Electric Vehicles

The shift away from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles is moving forward, and at a rapid pace. Ford recently announced plans to invest $50 billion in electric vehicle technology by 2026, G.M. has committed to selling only zero-emission vehicles by 2035, and Tesla is on track to deliver well over a million EVs in 2022. Naturally, this raises questions about our national grid’s readiness to supply clean electricity that will be needed to power these vehicles. But while the challenges are enormous, there are various technologies that can be implemented now to help ease the transition. One of them is called dynamic line rating.

Dynamic line rating, or DLR, is the ability to vary the thermal capacity of overhead transmission lines in real time depending on environmental conditions, with the aim of maximizing load without compromising safety. Traditionally, transmission line static ratings have been intentionally conservative to account for worst-case scenarios, but this theoretical approach limits actual current-carrying capacity, or ampacity. These static thermal ratings fail to take into account ampacity variations that occur due constantly-changing weather.

DLR technology monitors environmental conditions and measures line tension to calculate the real-time rating of a transmission line, enabling lines to carry significantly more power without new construction. DLR relieves grid congestion, maximizes asset utilization, and allows for more renewable energy integration and load growth. Where implemented, DLR has resulted increased line capacities ranging from 10% to 30%.

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