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Circuit Breaker Reconditioning

Circuit breakers have a finite life expectancy, and aging can be accelerated by environmental and utilization factors, although regular maintenance can delay the process and prevent costly downtime. Once breakers have reached their limits, however, replacement is not the only option. Breaker reconditioning can provide an effective and highly economical solution.

Reconditioned breakers can generally be restored to near-original factory condition when performed by a reputable company like Omni. Breakers are disassembled and individual components are thoroughly cleaned, inspected, refurbished, reassembled, and replaced if necessary. Once reassembled, the reconditioned breakers are tested, calibrated, and certified to meet or exceed industry standards. Reconditioned breakers can be purchased for installation into existing gear.

Circuit breaker reconditioning is an excellent alternative to pricey breaker replacement. For more information on breaker reconditioning services, please contact Omni Instrumentation & Electrical Services at 908-412-7130 or 240-341-7915.

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